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This song in particular is about the dynamic of youthful zeal and passion somehow transforming into jadedness with age. In these days it has become a far too common story to hear of youth group members never returning to the church upon graduation of high school. The song and title was inspired by the prechorus to Lifehouse's "Revolution Cry" and the second verse to Delirious' song "Rain Down." May the church Dream Again the dreams of God for His people.



Dream Again
Michael Whang (2007)

There was a day when my soul used to dream
Of a child who would walk in purity
I was driven with an undivided heart
For the comforts of this life I paid no regard
Day after day bowing to pray
So quick to say "I surrender
I surrender it all"

So how did my allegiance fall apart?
What illusions crept inside my heart?
How did my songs turn so dissonant?
Did i choose to become indifferent?
Day after day vowing to pray
Swearing someday I'll surrender
I'll surrender it all

And Your Fire would fall

When my soul just turned away
There You wept Your tears for me
How do I run...
From a Love like that

Another day and the wind is blowing in
Through the gates of shame into my skin
And You whisper like a friend
That the broken dream again
Now to replace all of my shame
With highest praise I surrender
I surrender it all

Let Your fire fall

When my soul just turned away
There You wept Your tears for me
And I will, I will return
I will return to You

When my soul just turned away
Ther eyou wept Your tears for me
I'm in love
With a Love like that

I can hear the sound of a coming rain...
The Earth is about to shake...


released August 29, 2009
Vocals - mikewhang
Background Vocals - Daniel Chae, Kevin Kim, JS Gunner
Guitars - Kevin Kim, mikewhang
Bass - Gilbert Kim
Drums - JS Gunner
Programming - Descry, mikewhang, Daniel Chae



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